Let Them Eat Cake

Sep 20
6:00 pm
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Your sign-up form tells me all I need to know

"Each chef cooks roast chicken differently. Comedians all tell the Aristrocrats joke differently. Musicians all put their own fingerprint on old jazz standards. Web designers have forms.

Like cooking, comedy, or jazz, it’s less about the right or wrong answer and more about what you bring to the art form. Your years of experience, your level of expertise, the story you’re trying to tell, your grasp of your user, all of it”.

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Aug 3
4:21 pm
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"A Japanese roboticist recently showed off a giant, person-shaped pillow that also doubles as a cell phone and vibrates based on the frequency of the voice of the person you’re talking to. If you’re inclined to give this the benefit of the doubt, think of it as a step forward in "haptic" technology, which aims to bring the largely missing sense of touch into the realm of digital communications".

(Source: CNN)

Jul 27
1:18 pm
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Human Process

"In an experiment, David Moffat, at Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland, asked a series of musical experts and non-experts to rate the worth of six musical compositions. When participants were asked again, but told that computers composed some of the music, people liked these much less than those created by humans. But why?

According to Paul Bloom, a psychologist at Yale, the answer is that part of the pleasure we associate with art comes from an appreciation of the human process responsible”. 

(Source: brainmail.nowandnext.com)

Jul 19
9:44 am
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HTML5 Will Win Over Native

"Within Clay Christensen’s famous technological disruption framework, a technology comes along that is inferior to the incumbent, but is cheaper and has something key the incumbent doesn’t have. The newcomer takes the low end of the market. And, over time, the new, cheaper technology gets better and better, and as it does it starts to eat the rest of the market". 

(Source: Business Insider)

Jul 13
9:56 am
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This morning I saw an ad on my Skype home screen. 

Underneath, it had a like/dislike link. A quick and easy way to help personalise the ad content for each user, right?

Wrong. Here’s what happened when I tried to tell Skype that I liked their MSN ad.

Step 1 - Login

I was already logged in. Hence why I saw the ad in the first place.

Step 2 - Select Issue

No heading for “ads”. So I chose “other features”.

Step 3 - Choose Related Problem

Er. Suggestions/feedback?

Step 4 - Contact Method

A “like” button would’ve been nice right back at the start…

Step 5 - The Problem

There wasn’t a problem to begin with.


Jul 11
9:45 am
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ReadWriteWeb: Responsive Over Native

"RWW is working on a site revamp that’ll employ the same fluid, shape-shifting qualities we’ve seen on BostonGlobe.com. The responsive approach, which allows pages to snap to the proper screen size and orientation regardless of device, has caught on with media companies because it allows them to serve the desktop and mobile audiences with the same code base and eliminates the need to build custom apps for every new significant phone or tablet platform. Apps still have their place, but mobile web is gaining as the default option for developers.

'We have a simple rule: if we can do it in a browser, we use a browser,' Alex Schleifer, general manager of the media lab at SAY Media (which owns ReadWriteWeb) told me. 'If we can’t, well, then we consider building an app. We’re look at cases where we need access to the camera or location services and for that we’re building native apps.'”

(Source: niemanlab.org)

Jul 9
8:43 am
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Minimum Viable Product

"The nice thing about the concept of a minimum viable product is that everyone on a product team can pretty easily agree on the feature set that it represents. Establishing this baseline clears the landscape for the stickier rounds of negotiations, when you go through similar iterations of finding the next group of features that represent the next most important level of viability".

(Source: uxmatters.com)

Jul 6
2:54 pm
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Steve Jobs / Innovation

"But innovation comes from people meeting up in the hallways or calling each other at 10:30 at night with a new idea, or because they realized something that shoots holes in how we’ve been thinking about a problem".

Alpha mode…

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Jul 4
7:56 am
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365 Days, $10 Million, 5 Slides

"If you can’t outline your business in just 5 slides, you should go back to the drawing board and simplify your messaging."

(Source: TechCrunch)

Jun 30
3:15 pm
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What Is User Experience?

"In this magic box, we’re adding a special lolcat bonus article to BBC news…because…well…why the hell not? Everyone likes lolcats! Is that the user experience? No."

"User experience is subjective and contextual. It depends on who the user is, where they come from, how they get to the site, and their previous interactions with the site. Therefore the user experience is constantly changing and demands ongoing innovation."

(Source: grasshopperherder.com)